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According to the CDC, the rate of Hepatitis C infection is on the rise nationwide and unfortunately Madison County isn’t bucking the trend. Madison County Health Department (MCHD) receives reports of Hepatitis C infections almost daily. Many of the recently infected cases are directly attributable to IV drug use and needle sharing. MCHD is now offering testing for HEPATITIS C and encourages anyone who might be at risk to be tested.

Did you know?

  • Approximately 70%-80% of people with acute Hepatitis C don’t have symptoms.
  • People born between 1945 and 1965 have the highest rates of Hepatitis C.FACT: People born from 1945 - 1965 are 5 times more likely to be infected with Hepatitis C.  Learn more:
  • You are at risk if you are a current or former injection drug user, even if you injected only one time or many years ago.  
  • Of every 100 people infected with Hepatitis C about 75-85 people will develop Chronic Hepatitis C infections.
  • Chronic Hepatitis C infection can lead to cirrhosis of the liver and liver cancer, if left untreated and eventually death.
  • New treatments are available for Hepatitis C that can get rid of the virus.

Who should be tested for Hepatitis C?

  • Anyone who has injected drugs, even if just once or many years ago.
  • Anyone with certain medical conditions, such as chronic liver disease and HIV or AIDS.
  • Anyone who has received donated blood or organs before 1992.
  • Anyone born from 1945 through 1965.
  • Anyone with abnormal liver tests or liver disease.
  • Health and safety workers who have been exposed to blood on the job through a needle stick or injury with a sharp object.
  • Anyone on hemodialysis.
  • Anyone born to a mother with Hepatitis C.

FACT: Treatments can eliminate the Hepatitis C virus. Click here to learn more. the Madison County Health Department at: (859) 623-7312 in Richmond or (859) 986-1192 in Berea to schedule an appointment to be tested.

Click here for the latest information from the CDC.

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