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Job Openings

To protect, promote and improve the health of our community

Maintenance Technician

This position serves under the direction of the Maintenance Supervisor or other appropriate staff.  Responsibilities for this position include, but are not limited to: See that the building has adequate heating, lighting and ventilation and that it is properly cleaned.  Inspect electrical, plumbing, heating and other equipment and make minor repairs for their maintenance.  Arrange desks, files and other office equipment.  Supervise the upkeep of grounds and buildings.  Act as custodian of all department property and supervise the receipt and shipping of all materials and equipment. For more information including how to apply, please read the full notice.

Home Community Based Waiver Social Worker or Nurse

This position serves under general direction of the Home and Community Based Waiver Manager.  Responsibilities for this position include but are not limited to:  provide HCBW case management services to participants in their homes or in adult day care. Will be required to document work timely in the electronic medical record and MWMA computer programs.  Will be required to complete plan of care meetings and monthly case management visits and assist patients with referrals for needed resources. For more information, see the full job announcement. You must submit a full application as linked in the announcement

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Create a citizen account and search LHDCOS (search and apply).  Transcripts must be uploaded before the close date of the advertisement if post-secondary education is required or may be substituted for experience.  Transcripts must list the degree awarded. Transcripts must be uploaded before the close date of the advertisement and must list the degree awarded. Resume will not substitute for completed application.   Qualified applicants/employees are subject to a pre-screening, selection for interview, and/or demonstration of skills testing.  Employment may be contingent upon a successful drug screening and background check.  Equal Opportunity Employer.

Application for Contract Employment

Some positions are for contract employment rather than employment within the Commonwealth Merit System. You may apply for contract positions by clicking here.


Health Insurance - Effective on the first day of the second month following month of employment. MCHD contributes an amount determined by the State. Typically the amount pays the cost of a single plan.  Any additional premium that results from a family plan, parent plus plan, or a more costly single plan, is the responsibility of the employee.

Life Insurance - Effective on the first day of the second month following month of employment. MCHD currently provides coverage of $20,000.  Additional coverage may be available at the expense of the employee.

Dental Insurance
- Effective on the first day of the month following 30 days of employment. MCHD pays for a single plan.  The family plan and employee plus dependent plan is available at the expense of the employee.

Flexible Benefits - Provides tax-free savings through payroll deduction for medical and dental insurance premiums.  The program also allows you to have tax-free payroll deductions for reimbursement of medical and dental care and employment related child care expenses.  The Plan also allows you to have employer contributions that are not used for your health insurance to be placed in your Health Care Spending account and be used for "out of pocket" medical and dental expenses.

Kentucky Retirement - Employee contributes 6% and MCHD contributes an amount determined by the Retirement Board.

Social Security - Employee and MCHD each contribute.

Deferred Compensation - Allows you income sheltering through IRS approved tax deferral, and is available through payroll deduction.

Paid Holidays - 11 1/2 days annually + Presidential Election Day.

Vacation Days - 0-5 years of service an employee earns 3.5 hours per pay periods or 12.1 days per year.  This increases at 5, 10, 15, and 20 years of service.

Sick days- Earn 3.5 hours per pay period or 12.1 days per year.  When you complete 10 years of service you are given 75.0 hours and when you complete 20 years of service you are given 75.0 hours.  Sick leave may be accumulated and used toward retirement.

Probationary Increment - After successfully completing a probationary period of minimum of 6 month an employee receives a 5% increment.

Annual Increment - After successfully completing 26 pay periods of continuous satisfactory service, during which you earn annual and sick leave, employees are eligible for an hourly salary adjustment in the amount set by the Madison County Board of Health from 0-5%.

Travel - Employees are reimbursed for travel conducted in the performance of their duties and responsibilities, on a monthly basis at a rate determined quarterly by the state.  Does not include to and from work.

Payday - employees will be paid bi-weekly.  Payday is on the Friday following the end of the pay period.  Example: Employee would start the first day of the pay period (Monday), work two weeks and be paid on The he following Friday for the time worked those first two weeks.

Direct Deposit - Employees are paid by direct deposit.

Worker's Compensation

Commonwealth Credit Union - as an employee of the Madison County Health Department, you are eligible for membership.

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