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Kentucky Paternity Acknowledgement Program

Establishing paternity is a way for unmarried parents to name a child’s legal father. It is important for many reasons. If done at the time of birth, the father’s name will be on the birth certificate. This can help a child qualify for social security benefits, health insurance, life insurance and other benefits that he or she may be entitled to through the legal father.   

Parents can establish legal paternity by filling out a paternity affidavit at the hospital after the child’s birth. If not done at the time of birth, parents can also do them at the local health department, county attorney’s office, or child support office.

Make the best choice for your child- establish Paternity!

To learn how to sign a paternity affidavit at Madison County Health Department,please call 859-626-4244. 

More information about Paternity Acknowledgment is also available from the KY Paternity Acknowledgement Program hotline at 1-888-675-7425.

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