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Immunizations are for Adults too!Woman biking

Immunizations are NOT just for kids! Whether a young adult, middle-aged adult, or senior citizen, we all need immunizations to keep us and our families healthy. Getting vaccinated protects us from getting sick.  It also helps us protect our loved ones, especially infants and those with chronic disease or who are immune compromised, by preventing their exposure to illnesses like the flu, whooping cough, or mumps.

The specific immunizations that you need as an adult are determined by factors such as your age, lifestyle, high-risk conditions, type and locations of travel, and previous immunizations. Throughout your adult life, you will need immunizations to get and maintain protection against disease and maintain health.

MCHD offers the following vaccines for adults.
Payment for vaccines is due at the time of the visit.

Flu (Fluzone)
Hepatitis B (Recombivax)
Meningitis (Menactra)*
Pneumonia (PPV 23)
Rabies (RabAvert)
Td (Decavac)
TdaP (Adacel or Boostrix)

    * These vaccinations cannot be given to persons 65 and older

For more information about vaccinations for adults, visit the CDC’s website
The CDC also provides specific information about vaccines for international travel.

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