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Public Facilities Inspections &
Regulatory Services

To protect, promote and improve the health of our community

Public Facilities

To protect the public, the Health Department provides permits and/or inspection services for various public facilities including the following:

Septic Tank Cleaners

There are equipment, procedural, and disposal requirements for the pumping and cleaning of septic tanks in Kentucky.  The Health Department inspects the vehicles used for removing the contents of septic tanks, issues permits for septic tank pumpers, and monitors the disposal of waste.  Domestic septic waste must be disposed at a treatment facility, an approved disposal site, or at a registered farm that receives less 2,000 gallons of domestic septic waste per year. 

For more information, contact the Health Department’s Environmental Services program at 859-624-4249.

Water Haulers

Water-borne diseases can be unintentionally spread by water haulers, who use water hauling equipment and containers to bring potable for consumption and household purposes.  In Madison County, the Health Department inspects all trucks and containers being used to haul potable water for profit.  The Health Department also issues permits for the hauling of water and requires water samples to be submitted from these vehicles.
Individuals hauling water for their private use are not required to obtain a permit or submit to inspection.  Contact MCHD’s Environmental Services program for more information at 859-624-4249.

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