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Request for Bids

To protect, promote and improve the health of our community

920 Richmond Road, Unit #1, Irvine, Kentucky 40336

Madison County Health Department (hereinafter referred to as “MCHD”) requests sealed bids from interested parties (hereinafter referred “Bidders”) for purchase of the office condominium property owned by the Madison County Board of Health at 920 Richmond Road, Unit #1, Irvine, Kentucky 40336 (hereinafter referred to as “Condo”).

  1. MCHD will sell Condo under the requirements set forth in 902 KAR 8:170, section 2.
  2. MCHD is selling the property AS IS, WHERE-IS, with all faults, as of the closing, without representation or warranty from MCHD, express or implied, as to merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, presence of hazardous material, subsurface conditions, or otherwise.  Notwithstanding any provision in this Request for Bids, or in any other document currently existing or to be created, except as otherwise expressly provided, MCHD has and will make no agreement to repair or improve the Condo.  Any Bidder or subsequent purchaser shall rely only on its own investigation of the Condo and not on any information provided or to be provided by MCHD.  By submitting a Bid, any Bidder or subsequent purchaser acknowledges and agrees that any information provided or to be provided with respect to the Condo (including, without limitation, any due diligence materials) was obtained from a variety of sources and that MCHD has not made any independent investigation or verification of such information and makes no representation as to the accuracy, truthfulness, or completeness of such information.  Any bid to purchase the Condo contrary to the forgoing may be rejected.
  3. MCHD will make the following documents available online with the following link  for a period from August 1-31, 2022: electronic copy of the deed and the floorplan of Condo.
    Any Bid requiring MCHD to produce further information is subject to rejection.
  4. Bid Submission and Consideration:
    1. Sealed bids must be submitted in the form of a proposed, written real estate contracts in final form (including purchase price and all terms), and signed by the Bidder. Any Bid not accepted in writing by MCHD is rejected.
    2. Bids must include the total price to be paid.  Although total offered purchase price will be considered, MCHD will also consider purchase price collectively with all other terms.
    3. All closing costs, title search, and other expenses must be paid by purchaser.  Any Bid containing contrary terms is subject to rejection.
    4. If the successful Bidder utilizes the services of a licensed real estate broker entitled under the laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky to a commission in connection with the Bid, MCHD agrees to pay a commission of 3% of the total actual purchase price paid for the Condo to the real estate broker at closing as a commission if the transaction represented by the Bid closes. No commission will be payable to any brokers for any transaction that does not close, regardless of reason.
    5. If the selected Bid fails to close within the time specified therein, MCHD may, at its discretion, either extend the time for closing or terminate the accepted Bid.
  5. MCHD will receive sealed bids from Bidders for Condo in person or by mail from August 1 to August 31, 2021, at its offices at 216 Boggs Lane, P.O. Box 1208 Richmond, Kentucky 40476.  Sealed bids will be publicly opened within one week of deadline for receipt by MCHD. 
  6. MCHD reserves the right to select any or no Bids and reject any or all Bids, and a Bid will be accepted by MCHD signing the offer representing the Bid. 
  7. General Conditions
    1. The issuance of this RFP, or the submission of a proposal by a Bidder does not obligate MCHD in any manner.  MCHD reserves the right: (i) to amend, modify or withdraw this RFP at its sole discretion; (ii) to revise any requirements of this RFP; (iii) to require supplemental statements or information from any Bidder; (iv) to extend the deadline for submissions by Bidders; (v) to negotiate or hold discussions with any Bidder and/or selected purchaser; (vi) to waive defects and allow corrections of deficient proposals; and/or (vii) to reject all proposals and cancel this RFP, in whole or in part, if MCHD determines it is in its best interests to do so.  MCHD may exercise these rights at any time without notice and without incurring liability to any Bidder or third party.
    2. Any costs incurred by the Bidders regarding this RFP shall be done at the sole risk of the Bidder.  Neither MCHD or any other affiliated or related party assumes any liability for any pre-contractual activity and/or any costs by the Bidders in response to this RFP and reserve all their rights in law and equity with respect to this RFP.  The reservation of rights in this paragraph extend to all Bidders, whether selected or unselected as a highest bidder, and to any activity related to the purchase or sale of the property.
    3. MCHD reserves the right to contact Bidders for clarification or additional information, or to arrange other follow up activities as MCHD deems appropriate.
    4. MCHD makes no warranties as to the accuracy of any information contained herein or otherwise provided pursuant to or in an action related to the sale of the property or this RFP, unless expressly stated in writing, and assumes no responsibility for any errors and omissions.  All submissions to this RFP and the information contained within are the property of MCHD and can be used at the discretion of MCHD.  Any request for information and/or documents related to the sale of the property and this RFP may be subject to the Kentucky Open Records Act and other laws and regulations, without waiver of any right or responsibility of MCHD to withhold and/or redact certain information as provided by law.

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