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Sewage, Plumbing & Building Permits

To protect, promote and improve the health of our community

To obtain information regarding Madison County’s Onsite Sewage Program, you will need to contact the Madison County Health Department’s Environmental Office.  The MCHD Environmental office is the office to apply for an onsite septic evaluation (soil test), sewage permit or existing septic system inspection.

*Environmentalists office hours are 8:00 - 9:30 am, Monday – Friday *
* MCHD Environmental Office will assist you with Steps 1 & 2 *

  1. Before buying a lot to build a house or move a mobile home, contact the health department to perform a SITE EVALUATION on that property.(This will determine the suitability of the soil for an onsite sewage system.) The Site Evaluation fee is $250.00 payable to the Madison County Health Department.
    (Application available at:
  2. Once the site (soil) evaluation is approved and it is determined what type of system is to be installed, the SEWAGE PERMIT can be obtained by the certified installer or the homeowner. BEFORE the sewage permit can be issued, the proposed system design must be laid out on site by the certified installer and receive an inspection by the certified inspector. The Sewage Permit is an additional $350.00 payable to the Madison County Health Department.
  3. The system will need to be installed, inspected, and approved before the local building inspector will issue a certificate for occupancy.
  4. Note:  Other steps are necessary on all types of business or commercial building, such as submission of plans.

    Contact the health department before starting any work regarding plan approval. Also feel free to call about any related questions or problems on new construction.

Inside plumbing permits, water heater or water meter permits can ONLY be obtained from the PLUMBING INSPECTOR – SEE BELOW FOR CONTACT INFORMATION.

859-302-4135 (NO VOICEMAIL)

*Isaac cannot be reached by calling the Environmental Office phone number*

A plumbing permit is required on inside plumbing/water heater and water lines. State plumbing regulations require that the sewage permit be obtained before the inside plumbing permit can be issued.  Both the sewage permit and the inside plumbing permit are to be obtained before a water meter can be set by Madison County Utilities.

can be obtained at the
Madison County Planning and Development Commision Office
135 W. Irvine, 3rd Floor/Courthouse Annex
Phone number (859) 624-4780

The Madison County Planning and Development Commission, through the office of the building inspector, will issue the home builder a building permit.  The electrical inspector, also of the building inspector’s office, will issue the electrical permit.  Once all components of the home have been inspected and approved (i.e., sewage, plumbing, electrical etc.), the homeowner will receive a certificate to occupy their home.

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