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Sexually Transmitted Diseases

To protect, promote and improve the health of our community

The Madison County Health Department is currently providing screenings for HIV, Hepatitis C, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, HPV (Genital Warts), Trichomoniasis in women and diagnosis of Herpes Simplex virus if active lesions are present.

Rates of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) in Madison County have increased in the last 5 years.

Symptoms of STDs

Information from the CDC on specific diseases

Prevention of STD's

It is important to protect yourself from STD infections. The most effective way is not having vaginal, oral or anal sex.

Free condoms are available to the public during business hours at the Richmond and Berea health department clinics. They are located by the front desk upon entering the clinic.

Know Your Condom Do's and Don'ts



Preventing HIV/AIDS

Young people account for a substantial proportion of new STIs. Americans ages 15 to 24 account for 70% of the 820,000 gonorrhea infections among all ages; 63% of the 2.9 million chlamydia infections among all ages; 49% of the 14.1 million HPV infections among all ages; 45% of the 776,000 genital herpes infections among all ages; and 20% of the 55,400 syphilis infections among all ages. Finally, Americans ages 13 to 24 account for 26% of the 47,500 HIV infections among all ages.


STD testing is available at both Berea and Richmond Clinic locations. Call for an appointment or you may walk in to schedule or be seen the same day if appointments are available. Our hours are Monday 8AM-6PM, Tuesday-Thursday 8AM-4:30PM and Friday 8AM-12PM.

Berea Clinic
1001 Ace Drive

Richmond Clinic
214 Boggs Lane

We are now offering Clearview Rapid HIV testing. To administer the test, we will perform a finger stick procedure and take a drop of blood to perform the test while you wait. The results are available within 15-20 minutes after the test. This type of testing is fast and accurate; however additional tests may be necessary to confirm a questionable result. For more details, please ask one of our clinic nurses for more information about the Clearview Rapid HIV test.


STD testing services are provided at a nominal fee and are not based on income. You will not be denied services if you are unable to pay. A variety of services can be billed to Medicaid, private insurance or you may self-pay. We accept cash, check or Mastercard/Visa as methods for self-pay.

For a limited time, the health department has FREE HPV vaccines for both men and women ages 19-26.

What's Next?

If your test is positive, you should notify your partner(s) to be tested and treated if you are diagnosed with an STD. It is important to abstain from sex until your partner has been treated and for you to follow all instructions given at your appointment for treatment. Most STD's can be treated with medication provided by our clinic. Referrals to other healthcare resources will be made for cases requiring further evaluation.

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